Hi, I am Beth and welcome to FitnessRoadie!

I know it can be extremely difficult to balance work, travel and fitness. The reason I know this is because of my personal experiences throughout my lifetime. I am here to let people know, that you can balance your fitness and travel. Whenever I am traveling, I always implement some type of physical activity. It doesn’t have to be long or strenuous, just as long as you do something! When you exercise it doesn’t have to feel like a workout. Truth be told, exercise is always much more fun when you are having a blast while doing it!

If you are like me, you work so much that you sometimes forget about all the things that make you enjoy. What is more enjoyable than being and knowing that you are physically fit while traveling. Even if it’s just a day trip or a weekend trip. Traveling doesn’t have to consist of several days or months. A lot of people think traveling means going out of the country or out of the state you reside in. It doesn’t, because there are so many gems out there right under your nose. I am here to help you find those gems, while implementing exercise along the way!

My Story

I was born and raised in a small rural town, called Elm City, NC. You know a small town, just like Mayberry. I did all the right things growing up, and ended up receiving a division I basketball scholarship at a small university. We traveled all over the place and we ended up getting an invitation to the Alaska Shootout in Anchorage, Alaska my senior year. After graduating from undergrad, I decided to pursue my graduate degree at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. While attending graduate school, I was working at the Smithsonian History Museum in Washington DC. Of course I grew bored of this, because I wanted excitement and to explore the world. So I walked up to a recruiting office and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

I was enlisted in the Marine Corps for four years, and did a tour in Al Taqaddum, Iraq. While in the Marines, I was able to travel to many countries and so many places in the US. After getting out of service, I decided I wanted to get more education and less excitement. I obtained two graduate degrees, and even was on my way to getting a Phd. Obviously, this was once again boring, because I needed to always be on the move while also incorporating fitness.

Well, here I am today and doing what I really enjoy. I am writing a blog about my traveling and fitness, and this is one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself. All of my friends and family are always like girl, you are always going somewhere! Yes, I am! Now, you all can join me through my fitness and travel adventures!

The Sky Is The Limit
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