Three Waterfalls In One Day at Hanging Rock State Park!

Three Waterfalls In 45 minutes

Yes! I was able to hike three waterfalls in 45 minutes, at Hanging Rock State Park in Stokes County, North Carolina. I am working on getting back to shape, and also training for an upcoming 5K. So I figured that I would do a three waterfall hike! There is so much to do at Hanging Rock State Park, but I decided to hike three waterfalls; with an additional 2.6 mile round trip, walking trail on top of Hanging Rock State Park.

First & Easiest Waterfall/Upper Cascades Waterfalls

Upper Cascades Waterfalls, Hanging Rock State Park

The Upper Cascades Waterfalls, was by far the easiest waterfall to hike of them all. It took me about five minutes to hike to the actual waterfall and about five minutes to return to the initial starting point. In all honesty, you don’t have to be in the best of shape in order to hike this trail. There really isn’t an incline, to and from this waterfall. You should definitely enjoy this trail as well as being able to get in a little bit of an exercise. If you are just starting out getting back into the groove of exercising, I would suggest that you take it slow, breathe, take a few breaks and make sure to bring some water. As well as some nice hiking boots or shoes with a pretty nice grip.

Window Falls

Window Falls, Hanging Rock State Park
The “Window” of Window Falls

Window Falls, was my favorite waterfall to hike, mainly because it has a hole that actually looks like a window! You can see the picture of the window just above! What makes it even more amazing, is that when you climb through the window, it leads you to another amazing waterfall. So, essentially Window Falls, has two wonderful waterfalls! The hike to get to the waterfalls wasn’t so bad. However, the incline going back is a doozy! It is worth the trip though. It took me about 20 minutes total to do a round trip of this amazing waterfall!

Hidden Falls, Hanging Rock State Park

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls, was just like the description! It was sort of hidden away from everything else! The hike itself was about 10-15 minutes round trip. Once again the incline was a little bit of a doozy, so be prepared. However, be prepared for an amazing view of a waterfall. I liked this one as well, because it looked different from the other two as you can see!

Hanging Rock State Park Trail

View From Top of Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock State Park Trail, is a must! I decided to do the trail, for some extra cardio and incline! Not only did I have a fantastic workout, but I also got to see some amazing views from the top of Hanging Rock State Park. The round trip is 2.6 miles, so make sure you know your limits, and to rest as well as drink water. There is no rush. Enjoy yourself when you get to the top. I saw plenty of people picnicking on the top, and just hanging out with friends and family.

All in all. This is about a half day trip, for some great views and some motivational exercise! If you are still wanting some more action at Hanging Rock State Park, feel free to do some climbing, mountain biking, swimming and maybe even renting a boat! The sky is the limit!

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