Short Trip Daniel Boone’s Cave!

Hi all! Today I made a short trip to Daniel Boone’s Cave in Lexington, North Carolina. The actual name of the place is Boone’s Cave Park. The park consists of many outdoor activities, but the cave is definitely the caveat of the park!

Daniel Boone’

Boone’s Cave Park is sitting on 100 acres of land! As I mentioned before there are several outdoor activities for everyone, ranging from children to adults. There are bike trails, walking trails, disc golf, fishing, hiking, camping, picnic shelters, canoeing and simply enjoying the wilderness. As a visitor, I imagined myself “roughing it out” as I entered the park.

The Cave

Daniel Boone’s Cave

You will enjoy walking down the stairs, and then all of sudden, BOOM! You see “the cave”! After you see the cave, you can walk down to the Yadkin River. It is literally only a few hundred feet away from the cave. As you continue to explore the park, you will see there are several trails that you are able to take. I walked some of the Wetlands trail, which of course consisted of seeing lots of water along the trail.

Yadkin River

Yadkin River

The Yadkin River, sits below the cave and you can see it through the hiking/biking/walking trails.

What To Bring

Some type of insect repellent is necessary, if not the mosquitoes will have a feast! I say this because, I went today and forgot my Cutter and it seemed the mosquitoes were biting me every few seconds or so. However, this could be a slight exaggeration. I personally use Cutter backwoods insect repellent. In the Marine Corps, we used it whenever we were outdoors and it works great. Additionally, you will need some water, some type of snack/s, and some hiking boots or shoes with a great grip. You don’t won’t to be falling or slipping trying to hike or walk through the park.

Things To Do

Boone’s Cave Park offers several outdoor activities, but the highlights are roughing it out primitive style by bringing your own tent, sleeping bag and perhaps a canoe or even fishing essentials. You can not rent anything from the site, you have to bring everything yourself.

Check this trip out on my Youtube channel Fitnessroadie or check it out here!

Hope you will visit and enjoy as I did. Remember to try to make time for fitness and travel. God bless!

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