Fitness For Beginners

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I would never tell you to do an exercise, that I cannot do myself. I also realize that everyone has different levels of fitness. I personally try to incorporate low impact exercises with a little bit of high intensity ones.

Beginners Workout

  1. If you are just getting into shape, or it has been a longtime since you have exercised. It is a good idea to start off slow. Don’t rush it or push to hard, because you may end up hurting yourself or pushing your body too hard.
  2. Start off walking anywhere between 5-10 mins at least 3-4 times a week. It doesn’t have to be a brisk or fast walk. Walk at your own pace, you are not in competition with anyone. We are trying to get heathy. Make sure to keep an eye out for your heartrate. If you feel your heart is beating too fast, stop and take some breaths.

*This video below Full Body Home Workout For Beginner or Out-of-Shape-No Equipment by Bob & Brad, is an excellent workout for any age and beginner level.

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