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Three Waterfalls In One Day at Hanging Rock State Park!

Three Waterfalls In 45 minutes Yes! I was able to hike three waterfalls in 45 minutes, at Hanging Rock State Park in Stokes County, North Carolina. I am working on getting back to shape, and also training for an upcoming 5K. So I figured that I would do a three waterfall hike! There is so…

Short Trip Daniel Boone’s Cave!

Hi all! Today I made a short trip to Daniel Boone’s Cave in Lexington, North Carolina. The actual name of the place is Boone’s Cave Park. The park consists of many outdoor activities, but the cave is definitely the caveat of the park! Boone’s Cave Park is sitting on 100 acres of land! As I…

Day Trip To West Jefferson, North Carolina, A True Gem!

West Jefferson, NC historic sign in the heart of downtown. Why Visit West Jefferson, NC? West Jefferson, North Carolina is the perfect place to visit if you want that small hometown feel and you will never meet a stranger with the locals. The population is around 1,500 people so you don’t have to worry about…

West Jefferson, North Carolina Day Trip:
Attractions & Places to Eat!

Fitness For Beginners

I would never tell you to do an exercise, that I cannot do myself. I also realize that everyone has different levels of fitness. I personally try to incorporate low impact exercises with a little bit of high intensity ones. Beginners Workout If you are just getting into shape, or it has been a longtime…